Makoya Entertainment promises more opportunities for upcoming artists

Photo Designed by Mdukhesto Makoya

Makoya Entertainment has decided to create content that will specifically promote upcoming artists so that they can be recognised by potential production. We are working day and night for us to be able to assist as many artists as possible and we will be announcing all our updates on our social media, people are advised to keep visiting our website so that they can be able to view any new content.

we started with a newspaper that turned into online news and we introduced Makoya Pictures, Makoya visuals, Makoya Radio and we are working on introducing Makoya TV very soon and it will be digitally launched on the 15th of September 2021.

We promise to keep it simple yet entertaining, our dreams are to create a full house of entertainment and we will be promoting all kinds of entertainment for all types of audience. you can check all our pages to view some of our content and do not forget to subscribe on our YouTube channel for updates on everything that will be released on Makoya TV.

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