Music Registration scam trolling on Facebook

It has come to our attention that every time we pop in our Facebook timeline there is always someone trying their luck in getting some extra cash to their pocket Through scamming up and coming artists who have no much knowledge about the operation of the entertainment industry.

As Makoya entertainment we decided to write this article as awareness. Most Upcoming artists come to the music scene without proper knowledge which constantly put them into trouble as they become easy targets to all sorts of scams. There is a huge number of people who claim to be helping people with samro and Risa registrations including other organizations that caters for music.

Most of them will never notice that because they are too exited to see their music registered.

Here is the catch: If you are applying for membership with RISA or SAMRO be it physically on paper or online you need to put your signature, but these people who claim to assist you never ask for your signature. 

If that situation happens it is mostly because they have registered your music under their record label as their own or they did not register it at all.  But we all know that is not the agreement between you and them.

Later in stage you will start wondering why you are not getting your royalties because the person who claimed to register you will be busy collecting the royalties on your behalf. We will be touching more on this issue on our upcoming articles … make sure that you subscribe to our Youtube channel and also follow us on Facebook to stay captivated and informed about the issues we face in the industry of Entertainment. …. 

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