A New Music store for Upcoming Artists in Africa

As the music industry gets tougher just like any other industries, Makoya Entertainment has decided to take it to the basic and make things simpler for upcoming musicians. “We want to see creatives making it to the top” says the CEO of Makoya Entertainment “Mdukhesto Makoya”

Other international companies are charging over $500 to signup an artist for music streams and downloads … And we will start from only R200 and artists will get 80% of their sales, anytime (No minimum withdrawal request.

For those who would love to sell their craft with us , they must me glad that we will assist them on promoting their music so that people may be able to download and stream. We are not ending there … For each song that is submitted, it will be played on our radio station and we will regularly invite the artists to come and interview. We are looking forward to change the game and we wish that artists will cooperate with us in making this a success.