Ayanda Sobudula

Ayanda Sobudula was born and raised in Soweto and raised by his mother, the young man decided to start doing modelling after people around him told him that he has a nice body and should try modelling.

He then started to explore the industry and aspiring to be a model . A few years down the line he then was approached by Makoya entertainment when the movie Korobela was being filmed in his hometown.

After being featured in the movie he then decided to join Makoya Entertainment and he was featured in a film called An Expensive Mistake part 2 and he is also part of the new series titled Complicated.

Ayanda is a very passionate young man who is willing to learn in each and every task that he is given, he always makes sure that he always asks where he doesn’t understand.

Interview of Ayanda Sobudula on My Profile
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