Hamilton Dlomo

Actor | Model | Presenter

Hamilton Dlomo was born on the 5th of August 1996 in Johannesburg Meadow-lands. He had to change from one school to another due to seasonal sicknesses and went to a total of 7 schools and he matriculated in Kwa Mahlobo Secondary school.

He started doing modelling at a young age as he was looking up to his Aunt who is a former Miss South Africa. Growing up as the only child of Nhlanhla Leonard Dlomo and Esther Dlomo whose father was Jew and mother Swazi. Hamilton grew up as a child who was always inquisitive and enjoyed going to church.

He listened to music whenever he was not feeling okay and he locked himself his room from time to time and he would also walk at night just to clear his mind. Hamilton grew up as a shy and quiet child who was inspired by helping wherever he could.

His dreams is to be an experienced model and presenter who helps the community and also to open a path for his education and to encourage strict families to be able to allow their children to live their dreams. Hamilton hopes to one day own a restaurant. He is the founder of Milton’s Enterprise which is an online Store.

Hamilton has been featured in movies created by Makoya Entertainment, he ha participated in a number of fashion shows around South Africa, He is the presenter of My Profile … a show created by Makoya Entertainment which will soon be aired on Makoya TV.

My Profile Season 5
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