Kevin Garane

Kevin Garane is a Tembisa based Beat maker who is also into acting and aspires to be a model in the near future. He was raised in gauteng but his roots are in Matatiele Eastern Cape South Africa.

Kevin has been making music for almost all his life and he decided to join acting when he was introduced to Makoya Entertainment after he booked a photo shoot with us. He has then been featured on Korobela and An Expensive mistake 1 and 2.

He is popularly known for his producing and playing deep house music as he is the founder and CEO of EXT4 Productions. He has worked with quiet a number of artists.

to know more of Kevin Garane, you can watch our movies on Makoya TV and on our YouTube Channel. You can download his Profile below on this page.

Kevin Garane interview on My Profile Season 4
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