Naume Mamabolo

Naume Mamabolo is a poet, actress and coordinator at Makoya Entertainment. She joined Makoya Entertainment after visiting Daily Thetha with her mother.

Naume has then released her first video poem with Makoya Entertainment which is available on YouTube, she has a poetry book that she released in the early days of 2021.

Naume has performed in a few events like Mr and Miss Divine and Makoya Entertainment Awards, she has full support from her whole family and she stops at nothing to make her dreams as an entertainer come true.

She has been featured on Makoya Entertainment films “An expensive Mistake” and Korobela. She has been featured as a brand ambassador of Makoya’s Kitchen products

You can rate Naume’s performance on YouTube or Makoya TV

Naume Mamabolo – Interview on My Profile Season 4
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