Pretty Mapaya

She has always been passionate about being an actress and showcasing her acting skills. She joined quiet a number of Agencies and she was featured as an extra, time went on and she joined Makoya Entertainment after she met with the founder at a friend’s house.

She has been featured on all Makoya Entertainment films since 2018, Pretty is so much dedicated in every task that she is given and she is the oldest member of Makoya Entertainment in age.

She has also been hands on in every project run by Makoya Entertainment and she is a household name in playing all the old age roles on all our films.

Pretty is a family oriented woman who is always there for her family and she is a very strong woman and still active in life. She has been featured on Nomayini Bra Yami, Korobela and An Expensive Mistake 1 and 2. We will still see her on the upcoming series called Complicated created by Makoya Entertainment.

Interview of Pretty Mapaya on My Profile Season 2
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