Ramarumo Letjeko

Ramarumo is an energetic actor who always make means that he avails himself in any given gig. He is always ready to give input on any character that he plays.

Ramarumo is an actor from Limpopo based in Gauteng and he has worked with quiet a number of agencies and productions around South Africa. He has been featured as an audience on Daily Thetha, Umphakathi , Reatsotella and many other productions.

He has been featured on the film “Losing Lerato” and he has been part on 2 films created by Makoya Entertainment. He decided to join Makoya Entertainment in 2021 after being a client is other services for a while.

You can rate Ramarumo’s acting skills on Makoya TV or on our YouTube Channel.

Ramarumo Letjeko – Interview on My Profile Season 4
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