Samkelo Ntsizi

Samkelo Ntsizi is rated the best when it comes to communication on set as he is always engaging with everyone and making sure that they are comfortable and welcome. He joined Makoya Entertainment after being impressed by the work when he visited a few episodes on Daily Thetha SABC 1 and Moja Love (Show me love)

He grew up in Vaal Sharpeville but his roots are from Eastern cape and he often visits too. He started acting or to have interest while he was still at Primary, he used to act in a theater and performing in acting during school events, and he was also participating in a poetry(imbongi yeSixhosa)as a results he had so many rewards for these talents of his. He then had to take some steps to improve himself in the industry to join some organizations.

He is a very dedicated person,punctually,hardworking and he hate to lose. His weaknesses are that he doesn’t like to be defeated or to lose ,and he doesn’t engage himself with negative and toxic people. He always sees opportunities in his life or cycle because he believes that some day he will eventually grab his dream of becoming a known Actor.

His threats are that there are some people in this industry whom plays innocent as if they wanna help to improve or grow in the industry whereas their intentions are to scam people. And another threat is that he always sees same faces in a Television so he always wonders when will up and coming growing artists or actors get to be provided with opportunity to enhance themselves or prove themselves that they can also do the best work.

Interview of Samkelo Ntsizi on My Profile Season 2
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